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    But first The Best British Twink 2014


    Its been 8 days since you won Best British Twink 2014. Has it settled and gone up for you that you won?
    Yes I love that I won. And it has given me lots off more chances for more studio work

    Tell us what you were thinking when you was called to the stage as the winner?
    Mixed feeling being called up and only after that I comprehended it

    How is it to receive the award from Reece Bentley who was the first ever to win it? Do you look up to him?
    Me and Reece are good friends so it was a nice thing to keep it in the smacky family Twinks.
    I don’t really look up to people in porn. I go with the flow and like to just be me and not copy people

    Reece and Alex

    You stayed with Smacky and Reece during the awards. Did you have fun?
    I don’t think I have ever partied so hard, They are bad influences or is it the other way round that I am. Haha it was the best few days I’ve ever had

    Haha I think you are just as much to blame.. So after you won you said you got stopped to sign autographs, who was that for?
    A few fans and press articals as well as photos too

    Do you have any special studio`s in mind you would like to work with now?

    Cody Cummings


    Without saying to much I know that least one of these has contacted you, are you looking forward to working with them?
    Very much so

    People wonder if the hot Best Twink award winner is single or not?
    Sadly I am, so if you know any hot single guys who fly helicopters like 50 Shades of Grey sign them up to me x

    Where have you put your award since you came home?
    On the window held as soon as u walk in the front door u can see it,

    What did your friends and family think when you won?
    Very proud


    When I came to check on you before I went to bed you were mumbling Best British Twink in your sleep. Did you have a nice dream?
    It must off been lol
    I was asleep

    How was your holiday with Reece and Smacky before and after the awards?
    Very exciting and spontaneous never new what we was going to be doing

    What would you like to say to all those fans out there who have nominated and voted for you these last few months?
    I would like to say from the bottom off my heart it has ment a lot and I’m going to do my best to improve and get more shoots out there for u

    Do you think it has helped that SmackyGirl advertises you?
    Very much so, it’s the next big thing


    So what are your future plans now?
    To get bigger in this industry and expand to eventually open my own studio or join another x

    Open your own studio? Like work as a director or a producer?

    What type of porn would you like to produce?
    Romantic sex and fantasy


    Would you bring your wife with you as your blogger?
    I’d team up with her and become a whole thing

    Anything else you like to say at the end of the interview?
    Just a massive thanks to all the public supporting me and that I will try my best expanding and becoming better x


    As Reece Bentley is now a SmackyBoy.

    Also don`t forget to see Reece Bentley video interview me and Alex right after he won here:



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