Where can people check out your blog?


    and my photography website


    What influential people have you met? And did you learn anything from them?
    Not really anyone. My mom because she’s taught me allot about life but more then anything I believe I’ve taught myself the most. Through every mistake I learn and grow more and more. Even when things fuck up I stay optimistic about everything. I look on the bright side of everything even though I can be a very dark individual, I know where to find light and when it’s needed.

    Do you have a mentor?
    Not really. I tend to deal with problems and certain situations all on my own. I have all my friends to talk to about everything I go through. Joey was kind of my mentor and ever since he passed away I just sit in my room or sleep when I’m feeling down or things are messing up. I talk to my friends about what’s going on with me but it’s not how I would go to Joey for everything. He was amazing at helping me forget and brush shit off. I miss him these days more than ever because of how much is going on.

    How did you deal with the lost of your friend Joey?
    Dealing with Joey’s loss was nothing like I’ve ever delt with in my entire life. I never imagined losing him. It was extremely difficult for me because I loved him like a brother. He was my other half. I struggled with it for a long time and made a ton of really bad mistakes that I’m regretting till this day because they’re not good… I still haven’t really fully coped with his loss because I miss him allot. I’m a happy person because I don’t allow myself to be sad but when it comes to Joey’s passing I sometimes instantly start crying just because it hurts me still to not have him here or to talk about him. To not be able to tell him what’s happening and to not have him hug me or crack me up to forget about my problems hurts me allot. But I know he’s somewhere happy and I know he’s around because of the way things happen. I hope to see him again but for now I have to continue to live life and stand strong on my own…

    What are your ambitions for the future?
    If my photography goes as well as it has the past month then I’ll definitely stick to it and go to school for graphic design so I can work in that field. You don’t really need a photography degree you just have to really know what a good photo looks like. It’s editing that is a pain in the ass if you don’t know how to use photoshop or adobe products in general. I’ve been using photoshop since I was 16, I know my ways around photoshop lol.

    You are working as a photographer, when did that start?
    I’ve been photographing since 2012 but back then I was still modeling so when I did go out and take photos I just used them for my blog. I loved them and I’ll be using some of those older shots for my event. I just launched the whole idea in December and just started getting it all rolling in January and it’s going amazing. I’ve had so many opportunities present themselves extremely fast so that’s a good feeling. I know that this is definitely the path I’m meant to take. I’ll be taking online courses soon and see what else I can learn.

    What do you take pictures of when you are working?
    Landscapes or Macrophotography. I LOVE to just get outdoors and photograph nature. I love macrophotography because I love to get up close shots of anything small. It’s fun to me. I tend to only work with models that I REALLY want to work with because shooting models requires allot more work unless you shoot outside and even then you have to make sure you get the right lighting. I just enjoy being outdoors and alone more. I’m very picky with who I shoot with.

    And what do you like to photograph when you are of work?
    I like to photograph landscapes more then anything. They tend to give me a sense of appreciation and deep thought. Landscape photos inspire me to travel and give me a sense of appreciation for life and how beautiful nature is and can be or how cruel it can be.

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